When I first came over to America I had a lot of shopping to do, you see I left a lot behind and had to start again.  Knowing where to shop for the things I wanted was hard and I spent a long time going in and out of shops, buying things I did not like very much just because I needed them. 

One day I saw this pair of shoes, bit old fashioned looking, grey and flat but they looked like they would be comfy.  Not knowing what size I was over here I had to try on a few until I found a pair that had potential.  Bit tight, but hey, even I know you have to break-in a pair of shoes, so I paid and took them home.

Alas, they pinched and rubbed and after drawing blood I brought some corn plasters to separate me from having any close contact, hoping they would ease a little given time.

Well those shoes did not stretch one millimeter and finally after 10 months of discomfort I have decided they are not worth any more pain and effort and I can not wait to take them off.

Iím off shopping for some bright red high heels!!!!


I Wrote this after a bad 10month stint as volunteer newsletter Editor for EAFA.  At the time EAFA was not very accepting of change and I had a fight right from the start that I eventually gave up.  I do believe my parting did make a difference and within a year of my departure the 10year standing members that were Secretary and Treasurer left.  I understand two rocking chairs no longer rule the meetings and new blood is being allowed to circulate freely.