Paintings and Exhibitions from Nov 2002 to Oct 2003

Quine Exhibition at Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen Dec 2002, no theme.  Paintings shown: Cat on Creel - sold to L Niddrie; Callanish; Kitchen Garden; Final Journey (early version shown, see 2003-2004 for updated image)

Artspace Show, Aberdeen March 2003.  Shown: Footprint  (watercolour 16x20 - sold to Mr Snackleford).

EAFA Members show, Mercer Island Community Centre, May 2003.  Shown: Cascade Spiral

Quine Exhibition at Aberdeen Arts Centre July 2003, no theme. Paintings shown: Strutting Chicken (no image)- sold; Sandy Paws- sold at later Rannoch exhibit; Pacific Birds; Spirit Tree;  Flight Of Death; Mailbox - collection of J McLaren;

Rannoch Show, Scotland, Aug 2003.  Shown: Sandy Paws - sold

Woodinville Fine Arts Gallery, Silver Lake Winery Sept 2003, shown: Barn; Cascade Spiral; Empty Vessel; Knots; Mooring (see 2001-2002 for most of images)

Paintings from top left to bottom right: 

Cat on Creel (mixed media on board 5x7);   Sandy Paws (acrylic on paper 15x11);  Spirit Tree (acrylic on 3 canvas 12x24 top&bottom 36x24 middle); Flight of Death (acrylic on paper 15x22); Callanish (acrylic on paper 22x15); Mailbox (acrylic on paper 15x11, better image coming soon); Cascade Spiral (acrylic on paper 15x15); Pacific Birds (acrylic on canvas 3 x 20x16); Kitchen Garden (acrylic on paper 22x15);


Big Events:  Started looking to buy a house in over here Oct 2002, purchased one Dec and Moved in end Jan.  House needed a lot of work, still does :)

Visitors:  Canadian Cousins Nov 2002 & April 2003, Janet and Hugh  2 weeks end Apri1 2003, Peter & Joey  5 weeks Sept/Oct 2003

Vacations:  Traveled to UK end June/July for Quine Opening,  2 weeks family vacation in Proctor BC where there was a forest fire

Volunteer Work:  Editor of EAFA Newsletter July 2003 - April 2004, job very intensive Aug/Sep & Oct;  Activities Chair for WAA  June 2203- June 2004.  Launched idea for starting a Co-op Fine Arts Gallery in Woodinville with exhibition at Silver Lake Winery in Sep 2003.

 " the anarchic spirit that actually made us into artists does not flourish in faculty meetings" - Wolf Kahn