Paintings  & Exhibitions Nov 2003 to October 2004

WAA members show at Images Gallery, Woodinville, Dec 2003, Ethereal chains shown

EAFA Volunteers show Feb 2004, Bellevue City Hall,  Out of Balance shown

WAA  miniatures show, Foxfire March 2004, March Hare shown

WAA members show Artspawn, Woodinville,  May 2004.  Paintings shown; Ethereal chains; Priscilla; River of Life; Till Death Do us Part; Evolution; March Hare.

NAPA members show, Long Beach LA June 2004,  Barn shown

Granton Exhibit with Gwen and Jenny, Scotland  July 2004.  Paintings shown (see previous years);  Spirit Tree; Pacific Birds; Callanish; Daisy;  Flight Of Death

Pictures shown from top left to bottom right:

Final Journey (acrylic on canvas 12x24) - sold A Mitchell; Croft (acrylic on canvas 12x24) - sold A Mitchell; Ethereal Chains (acrylic on paper 22x15); Halloween Dream (acrylic on paper 15x11); River of Life (acrylic on paper 22x15);  Priscilla (acrylic on paper 22x15); Moon (acrylic on canvas 20x16); March Hare (acrylic on board 5x5); Till Death Do Us Part (acrylic on paper 22x15);  Evolution (acrylic on paper 22 x 15); Out of Balance (acrylic on canvas 24x24);


Visited the ArtFair in San Francisco.

Completed 10 week Concept course with Jill Stuzman   Feb-Apr 2004, Drawing outside of the box. 

Renovated Bottom floor of house, big job that took most of May & June.  No painting apart from walls done.

Matthew graduated from Woodinville High on June 10th, off to UW in the autumn.

Peter and Joey visited for 2 weeks with Rowan & Craig 3-19th July.

First 4th July in America for me.

Too short a visit from Sharon, Scott and Baby Hailey (soo cute) from Ireland

Went to Canada to renew our visas for another 3 years 26th July

Attending a regular  monthly art Salon/discussion evening and daytime critique group with WAA - great fun