Myself at Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty

Photo taken by Pamboli

Paintings  & Exhibitions Nov 2007 to October 2008

Jan 2007  Unfinished painting executed on site at 5ft x 5ft Big Works group show at Windows Art Gallery, Seattle. 

New paintings have been few and far between since academic study began at Antioch University, Seattle, Oct 2007, so including some of the final papers completed during my studies.  Some of them are creative, some reflective and some purely theoretical.  All however, contribute to my interests and further knowledge, and all will inevitably influence my visual work in the future. "Art is not about Art. Art is about life" - Louise Bourgeois

My life as a Butterfly. A transformational paper completed early in my study at Antioch that examines my competency of knowledge so far.

Emerson, Sartre and Bourgeois. A comparative essay finding similarities between opposed philosophies through art.

Self-Awareness Meme.  The final paper for Depth Psychology.

Finding the Center. Final paper touching on eco-psychology for Bioregional Field Studies class about the Duwamish River.

Five one page reflective papers done for my Duwamish  River Class that cover the large range of information covered in this experiential course:         Rivers, Streams and Oceans, Duwamish TribeRed and Green, Taming a River, andSouth Park.

The importance of Ritual.  Short paper covering what I learnt in my class on Ritual and Ceremonial Design.

Two papers completed for class on non-violence: nonviolence principles and nonviolence against neoliberalism

Towards a Theory of the Imagination.  Final paper submitted for Independent Study towards developing a theory about the imagination.


What did I do Nov 2007 - October 2008?

Feb: One night trip to Las Vegas to see parents who were there for a weeks holiday

May:  Weekend retreat with Ritual and Ceremonial Design Class

May:  Went on a Kayak trip down the Duwamish River as part of Bioregional Field Studies Class

June:  Traveled back to the UK for last two weeks of June.  Wonderful time and plan to write more about the amazing trip

August: Janet and Hugh visited for a week

August:  End of August myself and Donald did a 6 day road trip in the Beetle.  Covered 2,800 miles and 6 states.  Visited Oregon, Boise, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and back to  Washington.  Saw Salt-lake City, Yellowstone Park and Glacier State Park and a pilgrimage journey to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty.