In Love and Light

Paintings  & Exhibitions Nov 2008 to October 2009

New paintings have been few and far between since academic study began at Antioch University, Seattle, Oct 2007, so including some of the final papers completed during my studies.  Some of them are creative, some reflective and some purely theoretical.  All however, contribute to my interests and further knowledge, and all will inevitably influence my visual work in the future. "Art is not about Art. Art is about life" - Louise Bourgeois

First reflection paper exploring adoption of an Integral Life Practice. Second reflection paper, Third reflection paper, Workbook reflections for Integral Psychology and Spirituality

A synthesis paper for Diversity, power and Privilege. A potential social change project for Woodinville envisioned for Diversity, power and Privilege

Reflective paper on Service Learning for Women's Homeless Project at Antioch

Philosophy of the Human Heart.  Final paper for Spirituality of the Human Heart class. experiential letter to classmates

A small sample of work completed in the class "Writing for Discovery and Transformation"    Response to "The Powers of Poetry" by Gregory Orr, Poem "Why I WriteCreative Wrong Memory paper, Response to "As Time Goes By: Creating Biography by Philip Furia , and Celestial Bodies poem.

Summary of Learning Reflections - Mapping Worlds

Changing a piece of public art for Public Art and Placemaking.


What did I do Nov 2008 - October 2009?

It is now Oct 2010 and at the moment I am having trouble remembering