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Paintings and Life from November 2009 to October 2010


Childhood onechildhood twochildhood threeadolescence oneadolescence twoadulthood oneadulthood twolife after deathinside panels

"A Soul Journey" - Installation Dec 3rd "2009".

9 Picture Panels 4ft x 5ft formed the main walls of the installation - see installations for more details

Childhood 1, 2 & 3 (tempera on cardboard); Adolescence 1 & 2 (tempera on cardboard)  Adulthood 1 & 2 (tempera on cardboard); Senior (tempera on cardboard);  Death/Afterlife (tempera/acrylic  on cardboard); Nirvana (not shown - "In Love and Light", see gallery 2008-2009)  The back of each panel formed the Nirvana center and was painted white with a silver tree.

For a more detailed explanation of the installation and photos click here.

For youtube links to two videos of installation click here.

hecate 1hecate 2hecate 3hecate 4hecate 5hecate 6hecate 7hecate 8hecate 9

"Homage to Hecate" Series -  for Odyssey Show Nov 3rd 2010.

9 Paintings

No.1 Homage to Hecate (6ft x 9ft on acrylic on canvas); No.2 Burning Times (30" x 30" acrylic/mixed media on board;  No.3 Full Moon Glory (24" x 24" acrylic on canvas); No.4 Dark Moon Healing (24"x 24" acrylic on canvas);  No.5  I am Hecate (12" x !2" acrylic on canvas); No.6 The Goddess Awakes (36" x 36" acrylic/mixed media on canvas; No.7,8,9  Spring, Summer and Winter ( 12" x 6" acrylic on canvas).

For a more detailed explanation of the installation and photos click here



Completed BA Degree in Liberal Arts at Antioch University, Seattle Dec 10th, 2009  Concentration in Art, Psychology and the Imagination

Gave myself until March 20th to think about what to do next.  Took me until June to do it :)

First visit to Hawaii in March with Canadian Cousins. a video of my experience.

Rented studio space at Artspawn Studios at started new work series inspired my Goddess Hecate in June. Temp studio space supplying to some peace and quiet away from a major remodeling project at home.

Visited New Orleans for the first time early June. a video of this wonderful rich experience.

Graduation June 2010 - photos to come

Visited Washington DC for the first time early July.  Video to come, when I have any spare time!

Returned to the UK for 2 weeks end of July, beginning of August to celebrate my Dad's 80th in Glasgow.  Also managed to celebrate my Cousins 50 in England, see lots of relatives and friends and get some delicious Quine time with Jenny and Gwen.  Photos to come.