Windows Art Gallery

4131 Woodland Park Avenue North

Seattle WA 98103

Tel: +1 206 632 7332, +1 425 806 8044


a life less limited 


Portrait photographs by Lincoln Potter

the clootie tree

paintings and installation


Exhibition explores life, death and transformation, through paint and environment.

Collection of paintings from last 4 years along with complimentary site specific installation


includes original music by Donald Farmer recorded for the exhibition  


You an contribute to the exhibition by bringing a small personal item to be hung from a string,

such as a photo, old key or other memento to leave behind for others to enjoy.


show continues through month of Nov and Dec, contact me or Gallery for hours

read Woodinville Weekly article by Bronwyn Wilson



Some photo's of Open Night Friday Nov 4th, 2005

Ron, Marcia, Me, Gord and Naida and lots of wine

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great night xxx

only Laurel was brave enough                    John and Dean

Special thanks to:

All the special friends that turned up, this one needed an audience and I needed you, thank you. 

Thanks Donald for helping me get where I am, be who I am, and for giving me the confidence and financial freedom to make this show happen.  Thank you also for being by my side, the wonderful music and refreshments and for making my life more interesting and creative.  

Thanks to Ron for the inspirational Gallery, wiggerly lights, horse trailer and all your help and support pulling it all together.  Thanks to Judy for letting Ron give so much time to others and art, and for picking up Matthew.

Thank you Matthew for being there and being you

Thanks to Laurel for supplying the truck

Thanks to Lincoln for giving me such wonderful photos of the exhibit and a permanent record of my creation.

Thanks to Gwen for keeping my Scottish art career very much alive while I have been starting one in the US.  Those emails and your energy has kept me going - Mooooo.