Painting: Passion and Process

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 "My paintings reflect my journey of personal growth, both physically and spiritually. With each new work comes a further understanding of myself, the world and my relationship to it.".

Standing Stone

Symbol Stone, Mixed Media Spring 2000, shown and sold at Scotvec Exhibition, Aberdeen Library

I was born early November and as a reflection of my journey though life and art, I have catalogued my paintings in the chronological years of their production from Nov-Oct.  I have not put my early work on the site as I don't feel it reflects the same depth, development and discovery that returning to study in the 2000 brought to my life. Today's work however could only have been done with the lessons I have learnt in living the early part of my life so cannot be discounted as a crucial part of my journey. 


Southern Fry Chicken Nov 2000 - Oct 2001  - Enter Gallery

Completed 1 year HNC course in Fine Art  May 2001

Left for America end of July 2001

Quines first exhibition at Aberdeen Arts Center in Sept 2001. 


Nov 2001 - Oct 2002 - Enter Gallery

Quines  at Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen Dec 2001

Studied under Juan Alonso Nov 2001

Quines at Aberdeen Arts Center July 2002

Studied under Victoria Tchechet Spring 2002

Nov  2002 - Oct 2003 - Enter Gallery

Quines at Belmont Cinema Jan 2002

Quines at Aberdeen Arts Center July 2003

Joined WAA and EAFA

Nov 2003 - Oct 2004 -  Enter Gallery

Studied with Jill Stuzman

WAA show Spring 2004

Joined Artist Trust and NAPA & NOAPS USA


Nov 2004 - Oct 2005 -  Enter Gallery

Visited New Mexico, toured galleries around Santa Fe

Show in Scotland at Squashed Frog Studio.

Vacation in Scotland - catching up with Quines and other friends.

Went to Las Vegas to celebrate mothers 80th.

Concrete workshop with Lynn DiNino

Nov 2005 -  Oct 2006 -  Enter Gallery

Started the year with 'a life less limited', first solo show

Quine show at Belmont, Aberdeen Dec

Visited China for the first time in September

Visited New York for the first time in Oct

Clay figurative workshop with Tip Toland


Nov 2006 -  Oct 2007 -  Enter Gallery

 6 x 6 Big Works group show in Seattle Jan-Feb

Did workshop at Esalen, Big Sur California Dec - Big storm

Mystic Medium course May - Green Card process starts moving

Started Antioch University, Seattle Oct


Nov 2007 -  Oct 2008 -  Enter Gallery

5 x 5 Big Works group show in Seattle Jan

Returned to UK June for 2 weeks

Pilgrimage to Spiral Jetty

School all year



Nov 2008 -  Oct 2009 -  Enter Gallery

Las Vegas Feb and Oct to see parents

Operation June

Trip to Canada Sep

School all year


Nov 2009 -  Oct 2010 -  Enter Gallery

Graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts

A Soul Journey Installation

New places: Hawaii, New Orleans, Washington DC

New Home Extension  breaks ground June

UK trip 

goddess awakes Nov 2010 - Oct 2011 - Enter Gallery
"Odyssey" - Nov/Dec
"The Divine Feminine" June
Hong Kong Trip
Alaska Trip

 'Wee Works' some small, mostly older works

  � alison farmer