Painting: Passion and Process

ABOUT ME - Alison Farmer

  • Name: Alison Farmer
  • Born: 1965
  • Married with one son

Picture of me by Jennifer MacLaren, Quine Arts Society

After a long time of searching 'for that something', I returned to full-time art education in the millennium year after finding my way with a 12 week self-help course titled 'the Artists Way' by Julia Cameron. My previous studies in Graphic arts as a teenager proved a good foundation for a new venture into fine art.

Richard Demarco talks of artists speaking of their work in terms of Pilgrimage, of journeying, searching and finding and when they do, it is in spiritual terms.

I was lucky enough (was it fate or destiny?) to meet up with a fantastic group of similar minded Mad students that resulted in the formation of the very successful Quine Arts Society who are based in the North East of Scotland. In August 2001 I moved to America and began a new adventure. The road I am on is a personal one with an unknown and maybe, unimportant destination.  There are goals but they are merely the next visible steps in an exciting journey.

"the Meikle Seggie road will only be found by those prepared to make proper use of all the signs and symbols" - Richard Demarco

My art has been greatly influenced by a talk I did at Aberdeen College, Scotland about Louise Bourgeois and Spirals, along with a great love of Van Gogh, Andy Goldsworthy and North West American artist Gaylen Hansen. My paintings, which can be seen in My Gallery, are a product of my struggle to not only understand but communicate my emotions through the process of using symbolism, colour and movement. I now live in Seattle, continue to exhibit in Scotland along with Local and International groups over here in America, as I develop my art and self through further education and life.


animation from NaNcy's Cat Gallery