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"Hi!" I'm alison and this is a window into my world of 'Painting: Passion and Process'.  The site follows a journey of emotional development rather than technique. It captures the colour, movement and emotion of my life reflected through art.

Art is my passion, my fuel, my medicine, my voice, my perspective. It gives me questions and answers and adds richness and vibrancy to the ups and downs of everyday life. The process of surrendering to it is rewarding and insightful.  This site is a chronological record of my process and progress shown through a diary of paintings completed on a passionate journey of exploration.

"A painting is really a record of a moment of discovery, of a moment in your life, of a moment in your sensibility" - Wolf Kahn

In June 2010 I returned to painting after taking some time out to complete a Liberal Arts Degree at Antioch University. A concentration in "Art, Psychology and the Imagination" has opened my eyes and heart to new possibilities and horizons. I marked the end of my degree, and the start of my return to a full-time artist, with an ambitious art installation called "A Soul Journey"

Please join me in the "Divine Feminine" Opening Gala at EM Fine Art, Seattle.  Saturday June 4th, 2011  7-9pm

divine feminine 

EM Fine Art 410 Dexter Avenue N. Seattle WA 98109 Tel: 206-853-4514

Viewing after the opening can be made by appointment with the Gallery

I am in the process of creating a "For Sale" page for interested collectors of my journey, in the meantime please contact me for prices.

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