I should be at the computer at the moment doing the EAFA newsletter but Iím suffering from sensory overload.  Iíve lust returned from a long weekend in San Francisco and experienced a lot of firsts; It was the first trip to California and my first visit to an international art exposition.  We visited 82 galleries at the 6th International art exposition.  I did it all, thanks to my husband; I looked went under and over the Golden Gate Bridge.  The sky was the brightest blue against the complimentary orange gates.  The trip led to a walk through the Red Wood Cathedral Grove, it was Sunday morning and the majestic trunks soared like spires into the heavens above and the light rays shone through the branches like renaissance angels.  There was a deep stillness.  The forest is old yet all around you are the signs of rebirth from decay. Do you know the roots of a dead tree will continue to sprout new trees for years? There are family circles and lone seedlings, old and young, fat and thin, just like every other church congregation that I have visited.


My husband drove me down the crooked street, not as fast as in the movies, through Chinatown during their New Year celebrations and up passed many gloriously colored and carved Victorian bay windowed homes built on unbuildable hills.  We traveled through the hippy area which is now a yuppie one, new age Ferrariís replace painted rusty VWís.  It was like being on a ride at universal studios (I would guess, still have that trip to do) movie sets passed by one after another.  Feelings came and went as fast as the platoís on San Fanciscos hills.  A grid of white squares on green stretching for miles is still with me as we passed the cemetery from the international war that was also used in the film Harold and Maude.  The loneliness of each square is not eased by the millions of others.  The loneliness of each homeless person is not eased by others round the corner.  My loneliness as an artist has not been eased by seeing works by 1500 others.  However when I remember I saw a lone seedling standing 100ft tall, I have hope.  Inspiration can come from the least expected place.